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Innovative Clean Energy Solutions for Future Generations

About PSM

Since 1999, PSM has evolved from a leading supplier of technologically advanced aftermarket parts to a comprehensive multi-OEM gas turbine services provider providing our service capabilities worldwide.

Owned by Hanwha Impact, part of the Hanwha Group, PSM is joined in these efforts with our sister company Thomassen Energy, and together we form the core of our parent company’s gas turbine service group.

Our innovative spirit, supported by our growing and diverse technology patent portfolio, can be seen in our evolving product and service solution portfolio. Our value-based solutions offer paradigm-shifting capabilities to meet our customers’ business needs, including upgrades and enhancements for efficiency, operational flexibility, enhanced reliability and optimized life-cycle maintenance costs.  We are immensely proud to offer advanced technology combustion system platform retrofits for the vast majority of the installed fleet of gas turbines worldwide, which offer ultra-low emissions and the ability to co-fire with renewable gases such as hydrogen, an increasingly necessary requirement for gas turbines to remain viable and become an integral part of the emerging decarbonized power grid.

Our customer focus, speed-to-market, transparency and ability to quickly cross-pollinate successful concepts to multiple OEM platforms differentiates us from every other independent OEM power plant service provider in the world. PSM welcomes you, whether as a customer, employee or supplier, and invites you to join us as a partner on our continuous journey as the premier global service leader in the gas turbine market.

Where it all started.

PSM’s history with the Power Generation industry started from humble beginnings in Stuart, Florida back in 1999, with a small group of engineers in partnership with a turbine parts re-seller company.  The partners had new ideas for research and development of combustion turbines, and their vision and ingenuity, combined with a little luck and an infusion of capital, resulted in PSM’s first key project: relocating, upgrading and commissioning Enron GE Frame 7E Gas Turbines to the Southeast USA, employing our first generation Ultra-low emission combustion system retrofit solution.  Leveraging the success of our early Frame 7E projects, PSM quickly grew out of our first business location, and in early 2000, PSM relocated to our current address in the friendly seaside community of Jupiter, FL.

Taking the next step.

Utilizing small business incentives offered by Palm Beach County, the 35 employees of PSM leased 15,000 sq ft of space which today is part of our engineering offices. To execute on additional orders for 7E projects and seeing a real need in the industry for the type of capabilities PSM possessed, the original owners put together a business plan to seek funding for further growth.

PSM’s bright prospects attracted interest from our industry, and in December 2000, Calpine Corporation, today still the largest Independent Power Producer (IPP) in the US and led by an enterprising CEO named Pete Cartwright, purchased PSM. Their vision: invest in PSM to quickly develop innovative technology solutions to known OEM design issues for Calpine’s rapidly expanding F-class fleet of gas turbines. They also focused on continued advanced combustion development, such as the LEC III™.

An expanding portfolio.

PSM’s first task, working collaboratively with Calpine’s Turbine Maintenance Group, was to develop the entire hot gas path and combustion replacement components for the 7FA and SW501 in support of a fleet of 90 gas turbines. To meet this objective, PSM traveled the globe developing a supply chain network that supported this aggressive development plan. Some of these key suppliers who began the journey with PSM remain valued partners today, helping PSM develop some of its most innovative designs in the early years; including the 501F Combustion Transition Piece, the 501F Pilot Nozzle and the Stage 1 Hot Gas Path Vanes which were early market differentiators for PSM.

A vision for the future.

In March 2007, PSM was purchased by Alstom, then a global leader in power generation supply and transportation, to lay the foundation for an independent OEM Gas Turbine service business.  The vision was to grow PSM into a full service provider – leveraging Alstom’s experience in the global service market. This meant taking PSM’s core offerings on hot gas and combustion parts for 7FA and 501F to a full product portfolio, including compressor and rotor solutions.

Moving beyond a parts-only portfolio and entering into long term service agreements required a full scope offering of services to our customers. One of the first decisions in 2008 was the construction of an additional 30,000 sq. ft. facility on the existing PSM site to build up a state-of-the-art reconditioning facility. The initial ramp-up was strongly supported by Alstom’s reconditioning network with several engineers being exchanged between Birr and Jupiter. As of 2014, well over 800 sets had been delivered from this facility with 180,000 hours worked in the previous year.

Also at this time, the Field Service Group was created to offer full outage service support to both our transactional and LTSA customers, and the Monitoring and Diagnostic center opened to provide 24 hour global support of customer engines. The buildup of these capabilities and offerings enabled PSM to become a leading supplier to gas turbine power plants worldwide.

Worldwide full-service provider.

In 2012, PSM became a distinct Product Line within the Alstom Thermal Services organization called Gas Turbine “Other OEM”.  Our mission was to scale our concept and accelerate our global growth.  By 2014, we had Execution Centers in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to allow our customer-facing teams to be local and more responsive. By investing in our own PSM technology, offering parts, performance upgrades, services, and agreements that improve the reliability and life cycle costs of our customers’ assets, and with the support of Alstom’s Shaftline services (Generator, Steam Turbine, and HRSG), we were able to seamlessly become a full-service provider to our customers.

Positioning for Growth.

This success appealed to the Ansaldo Energia Group, a global supplier of turn-key power plants and service solutions, which purchased PSM in February 2016 as part of their shared vision for global growth.  Founded in Genoa in 1853, Ansaldo established itself as a leading mechanical engineering company, first working in the railway sector and then manufacturing marine engines until the start of the twentieth century.  In the early 1900’s, it entered the power generation sector and built its first electrotechnical production facility, where the company made electrical equipment, dynamos and other products.

Over the years Ansaldo has moved from steam-based power generation plants (from 1912), to gas turbines (from 1992), and full technological independence since 2005.  At the present time, Ansaldo Energia is structured around its core business activities of plants, components (gas turbines, steam turbines and generators), service work and nuclear activities (through subsidiary company Ansaldo Nucleare), and is focused on the heavy-duty gas turbine business.

To show how small this world is, this ownership by Ansaldo also allowed PSM to be formally reunited with Ansaldo Thomassen (Thomassen Turbine Services), when we shared Calpine as an owner between 2003-2006.  Together, this relationship allowed us to accelerate our multi-OEM market position and growth on a global basis, including the Middle East region with Thomassen’s Abu Dhabi-based Repair Workshop Ansaldo Thomassen Gulf, and Asia.

Accelerating our Growth and Commitment to our
Clean Energy Solutions for our Customers.

In July of 2021, PSM, along with Ansaldo Thomassen (now Thomassen Energy), were acquired by the Hanwha Company, and positioned within their Hanwha General Chemical business line. Continuing on our 20+ year history of serving as an industry-leading partner for service and innovation, PSM with Thomassen Energy and their 100-year history, continue to contribute valued service solutions to our gas turbine power plant customers around the world.  With Hanwha, who not only found our existing business model core to their exciting growth plans in the energy sector, PSM and Thomassen will be also developing our advanced combustion system retrofit platform portfolio for fuel flexibility, including hydrogen.  Hydrogen, mixed with natural gas at the fuel for the turbine, can significantly reduce its carbon exhaust intensity.  These solutions will support operators of the installed base of multi-OEM gas turbine operators around the globe, who are being challenged to decarbonize their existing assets, keeping them viable and a critical piece of the renewable energy infrastructure over the next decades.  A very exciting time and we are looking forward to the opportunities and challenges that await!