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PSM offers a wide range of repair and maintenance solutions for other frames.

6F, 501D, OP16 and Frame 5

PSM provides gas turbine repair and maintenance for frames including 6F, 501D, OP16 and Frame 5 heavy-duty industrial gas turbines. One of PSM's key offerings is our world-class workshop facility and industry-leading engineering services. PSM can meet or exceed the original design life of gas turbine components to enhance performance and efficiency.

Benefits to upgrade gas turbine frames include:

  • Improved Performance: Conversion and upgrading components can enhance the performance of gas turbine frames, resulting in increased power output, improved efficiency, and reduced emissions.
  • Increased Reliability: By replacing aging components with newer, more reliable ones, PSM can help prevent downtime and reduce maintenance costs.
  • Extended Life: Upgrading and modernizing gas turbines can help extend the life of these assets. This can help operators avoid the need for costly replacements and can provide a more cost-effective solution in the long term.
  • Enhanced Safety: Incorporating the latest safety features and technologies can help reduce the risk of accidents and improve overall safety for operators.
  • Cost Savings: By reducing maintenance costs, improving efficiency, and extending the life of gas turbines, an upgrade can provide a more cost-effective solution compared to investing in new equipment.

Upgrade Options


Designed to operate up to 32,000 factored hours between inspections, FlameSheet™ is ideally suited for shale gas, liquefied natural gas (LNG), or alternate fuel operation such as ethane, propane, and hydrogen– all with a 30% Modified Wobbe Index (MWI) operational range.


Field proven 3-5ppm NOx and

LEC NextGen

Highly durable sub 9ppm NOx
Compatible with 6581B, 7121EA, 9171E, and older turbine models either as a drop-in replacement to the OEM DLN1.0 or as a conversion from standard diffusion frame systems. The system has proven versatility with over 70 installations globally on GE Frame 6B, 7E/EA, 9E, and most recently 4 x 7B units. Originally fielded in 2001, the patented LEC III™ fuel-air mixing technology produces consistent sub 5ppm NOx and single-digit CO.

Introduced in 2015, the LEC NextGen has been developed from the original LEC I and LEC III™ systems in response to the global power generations requirements for increased durability throughout an increased load range, while maintaining sub 9ppm NOx and single-digit CO throughout the pre-mix operation.

HGP Parts

Current designed hardware with structured improvements to the hot gas path hardware results in improved efficiency because of improved sealing and clearances, upgraded materials and additional cooling. Full HGP components interchangeable with OEM.  For more information visit: Thomassen Energy


The THOMASSEN Energy Lifetime package enables us to extend maintenance intervals of GE gas turbines. The Thomassen Energy ThomELT package is designed to:

  • Extend the life of combustion system components.
  • Get a higher temperature resistance of and reduce wear between the combustion system components. This is done by applying new techniques and new coatings.

ThomELT can be installed without any further modifications to the gas turbine and can be done during a combustion inspection.  It can be applied on both new and used combustion system component if the quality of used parts meets Thomassen Energy specification. For more information visit: Thomassen Energy

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