6B Frames

6B Upgrades improve durability and lower life cycles costs

Advance operation performance in single and combined-cycle gas turbines

Since 2004, PSM has provided gas turbine solutions for Frame 6B hot gas path buckets, nozzles, shrouds, and compressor hardware. Improved durability and lower life cycle cost are achievable using PSM’s component and system-level product modeling and data evaluation tools. Our experts evaluate the status of gas turbines and predict potential damage that could immediately lead to downtime and extra costs.

PSM offers all gas turbine buckets, nozzles, and shroud blocks to be compatible with the latest 2085F firing temperature machines – the Engine Model 6581 – and is also backward compatible. In normal operation mode, the entire Frame 6B hot gas path has a minimum service interval of 24,000 FFH or 900 FS, which can be increased to 32,000 FFH on a unit-by-unit basis, with consultation from PSM’s experts.

Benefits for 6B gas turbines:

  • Increased efficiency: This can result in lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and lower operating costs.
  • Enhanced performance: This leads to increased power output, improved reliability, and extended operational life.
  • Reduced emissions: This includes NOx, CO, and particulate matter to help meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations and improve the environmental impact of the turbines.
  • Improved flexibility: This improves load following and ramping capabilities, which can make it easier to integrate the turbines with renewable energy sources and other power generation technologies.
  • Enhanced safety: This improves control and monitoring systems, as well as leading to enhanced protection systems, improved fault detection, and better isolation capabilities.
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Design Improvements

1st Stage Nozzle

  • Engineered to match the quality of original equipment manufacturer (OEM)
  • Optional NiCoCrAlY & TBC Coatings

1st Stage Buckets

  • Improved Aero blade profile and cooling

2nd Stage Nozzle

  • Engineered to match the quality of OEM

2nd Stage Buckets

  • Scalloped tip shroud for improved creep resistance
  • Increased tip shroud contact face area mitigates shingling

3rd Stage Nozzle

  • Engineered to match the quality of OEM

3rd Stage Buckets

  • Increased tip shroud contact face area mitigates shingling
  • Available standard and advanced aero configurations

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Additional Upgrade Solutions

LEC III™: Field proven 3-5ppm NOx and LEC-NextGen: Highly durable sub 9ppm NOx.

Compatible with 6581B, 7121EA, 9171E, and older turbine models either as a drop-in replacement to the OEM DLN1.0 or as a conversion from standard diffusion frame systems. The system has proven versatility with over 70 installations globally on GE Frame 6B, 7E/EA, 9E, and most recently 4 x 7B units. Originally fielded in 2001, the patented LEC III™ fuel-air mixing technology produces consistent sub 5ppm NOx and single-digit CO.

Introduced in 2015, the LEC-NextGen has been developed from the original LEC-I and LEC III™ systems in response to the global power generations requirements for increased durability throughout an increased load range, while maintaining sub 9ppm NOx and single-digit CO throughout the pre-mix operation.

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