Protect your assets through 24/7 monitoring of data with an array of PSM Intelligent Data Digital Technology Solutions.

Intelligent Data Products

PSM Intelligent Data Technology Portfolio maximizes the potential performance of your plant. PSM has been combining our domain expertise in gas turbine technology, combustion system design, engine upgrades, and engine operation from our M&D Center. Our control logic experience, extensive capability in the balance of plant operations, and advanced control methods allow us to create innovative optimization tools. We use propriety and patented control blocks that offer multiple optimization features to suit individual needs.

Customer Plant Network Architecture

Monitoring and Diagnostics

Utilizing the latest data analytics methods, our engineers at the Monitoring and Diagnostics (M&D) Centers in Jupiter, FL, and other remote locations throughout the globe monitor operation conditions of critical equipment 24 hours a day year-round. Our team tracks emissions and combustion dynamics to increase operations flexibility and minimize downtime.

Our gas turbine M&D team harnesses state-of-the-art technology and employs real-time data analysis to continuously monitor and track key performance indicators. This allows for precise identification of potential issues, thorough cause analysis, and comprehensive recommendations for immediate resolutions and long-term enhancements in power plant operations.

The PSM Monitoring Centers are built upon a cutting-edge cloud-based framework, enabling rapid response times and enhanced analytics for informed decision-making. These proven, secure, and globally deployed centers deliver unparalleled speed and reliability. The systems offer remote accessibility, leveraging complete cloud-based data processing to ensure comprehensive backup monitoring support even during extreme weather events and other emergencies. 

M and D w AWS cloud

Benefits of PSM 24/7 Monitoring

The Monitoring Center provides data analysis and trending for:

  • Combustor dynamics
  • Blade path spread
  • Exhaust gas temperature spreads
  • Fuel gas/oil temperature
  • Bearing temperature & vibration
  • Compressor discharge temperature & pressure
  • Inlet guide vane position
  • Turbine speed
  • Compressor inlet temperature
  • Alarm displays in the DCS
  • R0 vibration monitoring
monitoring intelligent data


FlexSuite from PSM provides digital optimization for your power plant operations. Whether you are looking for operational reliability improvements or increased operational flexibility, we offer multiple optimization features for your individual needs. Ensure your plant starts and performs with greater predictability with flexibility apps like Start-up Automation and Start-up Emissions. Or you can improve plant reliability and reduce maintenance costs by implementing PSM Virtual FlameScanner technology.

Multi-Controller Platforms

This approach allows PSM to develop solutions for one platform and then apply them across multiple GT platforms.

Virtual FlameScanner DLN1.0 & DLN2.6 System Reliability

Utilizes existing temperature thermocouples at the exhaust to establish presence of flame, eliminates common issues with B/E Class optical flame detectors and F Class maintenance issue with water cooled flame detectors.

FlexStart DLN2.6 Mode 3E Start-Up Logic Package

Alters the OEM start-up combustion modes to remove hold points. When installed during a turbine outage, the additional controls logic block can remove visible plume at the exhaust stack, demonstrating a ~3x reduction of start-up stack NOx emissions.


Improved ramp rates possible when fully heat soaked normal operation.  Also combine with FlexStart for increased ramping capabilities for hot, warm and cold starts.  Compressor blade tip clearance monitoring system utilized to find the unit specific limitations.

FlexSuite Applications

Can also be implemented on any control platform, whether you use original OEM GT controls or aftermarket alternatives.

FlexSuite Building Blocks

  • Combustion optimization
  • Start-up / Shut-down optimization
  • Enlarged load range
  • Efficiency and lifetime
  • Fuel flexibility
  • Grid support
  • Service flexibility


Automated GT Combustion Tuning

Gas turbine AutoTune system uses real time sensor data to enable automated combustion tuning to maintain emissions and combustion dynamics within specified limits under varying ambient conditions (temperature and humidity), engine deterioration or while using a range of natural gas or liquefied natural gas.

Optimize Unit Operation  

The AutoTune system for gas turbines incorporates features which result in optimal operation from a power and heat rate standpoint. The result is improved emissions control, hardware life, reliability and operability.

Optional Software Components  

Fuel Gas Temperature Optimization, Power+ for maximum power, and Optimization for LNG are all options for allowing optimal power and increasing hardware life for your gas turbine.

Operational Flexibility

AutoTune continuously seeks to maximize load range while maintaining emissions and dynamics. Over time, AutoTune learns, and the need for tuning reduces drastically whenever the same operating conditions exist.

Three optional modes are available:

  • Power+ at the current firing temperature range with no impact on hardware life
  • Peak+ at option for increasing peak firing mode to achieve improvements, with some hardware lifetime debit
  • Turndown - minimizing low load point by maintaining output just above premix transfer

Fuel Flexibility

Three levels of fuel flex technology are available that offer up to +/- 2% MWI range improvement.

  • FGT (Fuel Gas Temperature): reduces Fuel Gas temperature to minimize hot tone dynamics
  • FPP (Fuel Property Parameter) table to enable extra dimension of tuning intelligence if distinct variations in fuel are detected (e.g., multiple sources of Fuel Gas)
  • FTO (Fuel Temperature Optimization) utilizes a high-performance fuel gas heater to manage the Wobbe range of the fuel

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Intelligent Digital Data

Utilizing the latest digital technology, our engineers monitor operation conditions of critical equipment 24 hours a day year round. Our team monitors emissions and combustion to increase operations flexibility and profitability to boost function effectiveness and safety.

Field and Site Services

PSM has broad experience in servicing numerous gas turbine product lines including aeroderivative and aviation turbines, components, and accessories. Emergency and scheduled services available.

Manufacturing and Repair

PSM's manufacturing and repair facility offers new manufacturing of gas turbine components, as well as engineered repair solutions for GE, MHI, Siemens/Westinghouse and other OEM gas turbine engines.

Power Plant Support

The power generation market drives power plant operators to increase output, improve heat rate and lower operational costs. PSM will collaborate with you to find and create an integrated solution optimized for your specific requirements.

Service Engineering Support

PSM Design and Engineering Teams have complete in-house capabilities to solve component and system-level gas turbine and balance-of-plant issues.

Rotor Services

PSM offers gas turbine operators a rotor management solution that capitalizes on PSM’s engineering expertise, with full Rotor Service and Rotor Lifetime Extension capabilities that can extend the useful lifetime of your rotor.

Service Agreements

PSM's Long Term Service Agreements offer gas turbine operators and plants the flexibility to determine the level of scope, ranging from full-service offerings to a pricing agreement so that they are optimized to ensure total coverage.

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