7B/E/EA Frames

Upgrades enhance durability, improves performance and extends life cycle

Comprehensive upgrade solutions to optimize operational performance

PSM has supplied Frame 7B, 7E & 7EA hot gas path buckets and shrouds since 1999. In 2014 we introduced the full gas turbine nozzle range to our 7E/EA product offering as well as supplying compressor hardware. Frame 7EA gas turbine parts use PSM’s component and system-level product modeling and data evaluation tools to identify issues and failure modes in current OEM designs.

PSM manufactures all 7E and 7EA gas turbine buckets, nozzles, and shroud blocks to be compatible with the latest 2055F firing temperature machines – Engine Model 7121 and is also backward compatible down to and including the 7B engines. In standard operation, the 7E and 7EA hot gas paths have a minimum service interval of 24,000 FFH or 1200 FS, which can be increased to 32,000FFH on a unit-by-unit basis, with consultation from PSM’s experts.

7EA with Flamesheet

Upgrading 7B/E/EA gas turbine frames can offer several benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Performance: Upgrades can improve the overall performance of the gas turbine, such as increasing power output, improving efficiency, and extending operational life. These enhancements can lead to improved reliability and availability of power generation.
  • Increased Efficiency: Upgrading the turbine frames can result in higher efficiency, which means better fuel utilization and reduced operating costs, leading to significant savings in fuel consumption over the turbine's lifespan.
  • Improved Reliability: Upgrades can address known issues or weaknesses in the original turbine design, leading to improved reliability and reduced downtime.
  • Advanced Technology Integration: Upgrading the turbine frames allows advanced technologies and components integration. These can include improved control systems, advanced materials, and more efficient cooling mechanisms to enhance the turbine's performance and reliability.
  • Compliance with Environmental Regulations: Upgrading gas turbine frames can help meet or exceed environmental regulations by reducing emissions, such as nitrogen oxides (NOx) and carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • Cost Savings: The long-term benefits can outweigh the initial costs of upgrading gas turbine frames. These upgrades lead to increased efficiency, improved reliability, and reduced maintenance requirements over the turbine's lifespan.

It's important to note that the specific benefits of upgrading the 7B/E/EA gas turbine frames may vary depending on the scope of the upgrade, the condition of the existing equipment, and the goals and requirements of the power generation facility.

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Design Improvements

1st Stage Nozzle

  • Equivalent to OEM
  • Optional NiCoCrAlY & TBC Coatings

1st Stage Buckets

  • Improved cooling through 12 radial stem drill airfoil cooling holes

2nd Stage Nozzle

  • Equivalent to OEM

2nd Stage Buckets

  • Scalloped tip shroud for improved creep resistance
  • Increased tip shroud contact face area mitigates shingling
  • Compatible with and without shroud block honeycomb

3rd Stage Nozzle

  • Equivalent to OEM

3rd Stage Buckets

  • Increased tip shroud contact face area mitigates shingling

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Additional Upgrade Solutions

LEC III™: Field proven 3-5ppm NOx and LEC-NextGen: Highly durable sub 9ppm NOx.

Compatible with 6581B, 7121EA, 9171E, and older turbine models either as a drop-in replacement to the OEM DLN1.0 or as a conversion from standard diffusion frame systems. The system has proven versatility with over 70 installations globally on GE Frame 6B, 7E/EA, 9E, and most recently 4 x 7B units. Originally fielded in 2001, the patented LEC III™ fuel-air mixing technology produces consistent sub 5ppm NOx and single-digit CO.

Introduced in 2015, the LEC-NextGen has been developed from the original LEC-I and LEC III™ systems in response to the global power generations requirements for increased durability throughout an increased load range, while maintaining sub 9ppm NOx and single-digit CO throughout the pre-mix operation.

7EA LEC Combustor
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