7F Frames

Advanced 7F upgrades improve performance, flexibility and reliability while reducing emissions

Complete Compressor, Combustor, and Turbine Flow Path Offering

Since PSM first began offering a comprehensive 7F product line in 2002, we have expanded from the flagship gas turbine line to include robust and proven solutions that utilize reliability-enhanced, in-kind replacement combustion and compressor hardware. PSM is the only aftermarket supplier of 7F gas turbine performance upgrade packages. They deliver performance enhancements and extended lifetimes: a capability enabled by a staff of 100+ Research & Development engineers focused on continuously pursuing innovations for the installed F-Class units to maintain the relevancy of these assets.

PSM continues to improve its upgrade packages and is expanding its offering for other gas turbine frames. Combining technical expertise, speed to market, flexible solutions, innovative tools, and multiple OEM cross-platform experience, PSM is the industry-leading 7F gas turbine alternative products and services supplier. We continue to focus on the timely market introduction of targeted, high-quality design solutions for emerging 7F fleet issues. We bring these advantages to customers who want reduced life cycle costs through better durability and reliability while realizing gains in efficiency and performance.

7FA Turbine Section Closer 3D Drawing

Benefits of upgrading 7F-class turbines include:

  • Increased Output: Increased efficiency and power output can improve plant performance and reduce costs.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Designs can improve the reliability and longevity of gas turbines. Upgrades extend the life of the equipment, reduce maintenance requirements, and improve overall reliability.
  • Improved Efficiency: Advanced designs help improve efficiency by reducing losses and increasing power output, which can lower fuel consumption, reduce emissions, and improve profitability.
  • Greater Flexibility: Can be customized to meet the specific needs of a given plant, allowing for greater flexibility in operation and can help optimize plant performance and improve overall efficiency.
  • Improved Maintenance: Simplify maintenance and reduce downtime.
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Design Improvements

Independent Technical & Manufacturing Capability to Address Product Issues

  • R&D engineering co-located with the PSM repair workshop
  • PSM design engineers collect continuous feedback on the performance of both PSM and competitor designs and proactively address emerging fleet issues
  • Independent sole source for proven aftermarket 7F gas turbine performance upgrades

Proven Compressor Solutions for More than a Decade

  • First to market with a proven compressor blade R0 reliability solution
  • Enhanced stator reliability design features for S0 thru EGV product offering
  • Hot gas path components utilizing advanced materials, coatings, cooling schemes, and design features to maximize durability and reliability
  • PSM designs can align combustion and hot gas path inspections and reduce repair scopes, providing customers with reduced lifecycle costs

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Additional Upgrade Solutions


PSM’s AutoTune system enables automated combustion tuning to maintain emissions and combustion dynamics within specified limits under varying ambient conditions (temperature and humidity), engine deterioration or while using a range of natural gas or liquefied natural gas.


PSM’s 7F GTOP3.0 or 3.1 Upgrade Package optimizes critical performance variables to improve operation and life cycle maintenance costs.

Key Features: GTOP3.0

Installed during a standard hot gas path (HGP) outage consists of PSM’s combustion system and redesigned 1st and 2nd stage turbine nozzles incorporating:

  • Enhanced transition piece and flow sleeve designs that reduce combustor pressure drop
  • Upgraded alloys, TBC (Thermal Barrier Coating) enhancements, and improved efficiency cooling features
  • PSM AutoTune System
  • Maintains NOx emissions ≤9ppm
  • Set-wise interchangeable with standard 7F hardware
  • Upgraded 1st & 2nd stage buckets is optional for durability

Key Features: GTOP3.1

Builds on the GTOP3.0 upgrade package features plus incorporates aerodynamically redesigned front stage compressor airfoils that provide increased compressor inlet flow at constant compressor efficiency.

  • Aerodynamically redesigned R0, S0, and S1 rows for increased compressor inlet flow at constant efficiency
  • GTOP3.1 components designed for equivalent mechanical integrity characteristics with PSM proven R0, S0, and S1 design methods
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