PSM Thomassen Gulf

PSM Thomassen Gulf

PSM Thomassen Gulf (a Hanwha Company) is a leading aftermarket service provider for multi-platform OEM gas turbine power plants worldwide. PSM, in partnership with Thomassen Energy, delivers innovative, clean energy solutions to power plants worldwide as part of the Hanwha group.

MENA Localization and Support

Localized team supports:

  • Project execution in the region
  • Sales activities in the region
  • Engineering technical service needs of our LTA customers
  • Field service activities

PSM Thomassen Gulf (PTG) Annual Asset Managers Conference

Coming November 2024

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PSM Thomassen Gulf Capabilities In The MENA Region:

Field Services

Field Service Activities

Our team has broad experience servicing gas turbines to help with your scheduled and emergency maintenance. Our experienced engineers and site managers are ready for inspections, upgrades, installs, and commission of turbines or the entire plant.

Project Management

Project Management

Our experienced project management team takes your gas turbine projects and upgrade service from design concept through manufacturing to commissioning without compromising on quality, cost, or delivery.

PTG Capital Parts Management

Spare Parts Management

PTG offers technologically advanced aftermarket gas turbine components & performance upgrades, parts reconditioning, and repair for Frame 6B, 7B/E/EA, 9E, 9FA, 7F and 501F/701F. Frame 5 product line is only available from Thomassen Energy. Our local execution center provides regionally based solutions to power plant operators. For more info visit the PSM Product Portfolio and Thomassen Energy Product Portfolio.

Subcontractors Management

Subcontractor Management

We deliver comprehensive third-party Operations and Maintenance (O&M) services for power plant, providing the capabilities to optimize your plant's life cycle value.

Technical Support

Technical Support

We have the technical experts to support you with improving operations and reliability across a wide range of gas turbines. We can address both planned and forced outages of all types of turbines.

Logistic Support

Logistic Support

Our team is available to help you with providing effective gas turbine operation and maintenance management as well as assist with any customs compliance and trade documentation.

Quality Management

Quality Management

The scope of the PSM Quality Management System includes all employees and contractors at PSM owned, operated, or controlled facilities and sites involved in the design, engineering, manufacturing, reconditioning and supply of industrial gas turbine and aircraft components and services.

Tools Storage Management

Tools Storage & Management

We maintain fully configured containerized tool sets, ready to be shipped to your location. Our logistics team ships these tools to meet your needs. We ensure the tools storage is compliant, stays equipped, and is up to date.

EHS Support Management

EHS Support & Management

We are committed to applying and continuously improving its EHS Management System, to implement working practices that prevent personal, material, and environmental damage based on the principles covered by the standards ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 and in compliance with its Code of Ethics.

Leading the way with innovative technology to steer energy transition.

  • Field Services
  • Flexible Long Term Service Agreements
  • Technologically Advanced Turbine Components
  • Performing Upgrades
  • Parts Repair & Reconditioning
  • Controls Tuning
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Diagnostics
  • Rotor Lifetime Extensions
  • Plant Assessments
  • Steam Turbine & Generator Services

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