501F Frames

Solutions designed to reduce lifecycle costs for 501F gas turbines

Complete Compressor, Combustor, and Turbine Flow Path Offering

Since 1999, PSM has maintained a complete 501F product line that offers robust and proven design improvements and solutions. Our product line has expanded from our flagship combustion offerings to include reliability-enhanced, in-kind replacement of turbine, compressor, and rotor hardware as well as upgrade packages that deliver performance enhancements and extended lifetimes.

As the sole source for aftermarket 501F GT performance upgrades, we remain focused on producing responsive, targeted, high-quality design solutions in anticipation of 501F fleet needs. Through continuous improvement of our current offerings and expansion into new products, we combine our technical expertise, speed to market, flexible solutions, innovative tools, and multiple OEM cross-platform experiences to prove ourselves the industry-leading 501F alternative products and services supplier. We bring these advantages to customers who want gains in efficiency and performance paired with reduced life cycle costs through better durability and reliability.

501F exhaust

Design Improvements

PSM’s complete line of SW & MHI 501F parts are redesigned where necessary by our engineering team and through our own IP and independent supply chain to address the life-limiting elements of existing designs. Our hot gas path components utilize advanced materials, coatings, cooling schemes, and design features to maximize durability and reliability.

Component upgrades follow PSM’s proven design approach:

  • Identify the current component issues/failures.
  • Use state-of-the-art analysis tools, metallurgical evaluations, and engine test data where possible to determine the root cause of the issues/failures.
  • Use the same analytical tools to design and fabricate new hardware with design features to maximize durability and reliability.

Hot Gas Path benefits include:

  • Interchangeability: Using OEM parts at the component or system level.
  • Interval Extension: Up to 32K EBH or 900 ES repair interval for all parts.
  • Life Cycle Costs: 4 interval component life for all combustion parts, with lower repair costs at each part turn.
  • Operational Flexibility: 5-10% turndown improvement.
  • Reduced Operational Risk: Design and flow control increases dynamics window for safe operation (increased flashback and NOx margin).

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Additional Upgrade Solutions


PSM’s AutoTune system enables automated combustion tuning to maintain emissions and combustion dynamics within specified limits under varying ambient conditions (temperature and humidity), engine deterioration or while using a range of natural gas or liquefied natural gas.


PSM’s 501F GTOP6 Upgrade Package offerings optimize critical performance variables to improve operation and life cycle maintenance costs.

GTOP6 Upgrade

Providing Performance Improvement and Interval Extension to 501F (FC-FD2) Engines.

  • Upgraded Stage 1 & 2 components
  • Compatible with all existing customer inventory
  • Includes redesigned R4B for improved aerodynamics (FD2)
  • Compatible with existing FD2 Exhaust Cylinder and blade ring

Inlet Bleed Heat System (IBH)

PSM’s IBH system addresses the issue of ice or snow buildup on the inlet filters and compressor, which can lead to damage of the filter components and compressor. The IBH system can also provide increased turndown flexibility allowing emissions compliance at lower levels.

501F GTOP6 Performance UpgradeIBH unit
501F FS

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