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Retrofits and

PSM offers solutions to help our customers' existing gas turbines to improve the competitiveness of the installed fleet.

PSM offers a comprehensive portfolio of upgrade and retrofit options designed to improve performance and output, extend plant life, reduce emissions, enhance reliability and minimize costs.

FlameSheet™ for E and F Class

A revolution in combustion technology for Gas Turbines

FlameSheet™ gas turbine combustion systems are available for various GE, Siemens-Westinghouse, MHI, and other gas turbine engines including Frame 5 and 6B frames. FlameSheet™ employs a 2-in-1 can-annular combustor concept. Leveraging patented fuel/air mixing concepts, FlameSheet™ provides up to a 30% gas turbine operating load range increase while maintaining single-digit NOx & CO emissions.

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LEC III™ Ultra Low Emission Combustion System

LEC III™ Ultra Low Emission Combustion System | PSM

Since 1999, with the introduction of PSM’s first LEC, we have continuously developed new combustion technology to drive emissions to ultra-low levels. These patented and innovative technologies have allowed the current LEC III™ systems to operate successfully to as low as <3ppm NOx. The system functions on natural gas, with low single-digit CO, lower combustion dynamics, and a larger range of compliant turndown from base load conditions. The LEC III™ system configures as a drop-in, conversion, or individual parts replacement of existing OEM DLN1 systems.

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Gas Turbine Optimization Package (GTOP) and Combustion Upgrade Packages

PSM Gas Turbine Engineering R&D

PSM has been providing performance upgrades with improved operability and life-cycle maintenance costs for gas turbine operators for F-class engines since 2011 and now offers packages for the B-EA-class engines. Since the B/E-class fleet has a variety of operational needs, PSM upgrade packages can be tailored specifically for the application, whether extending intervals, peak firing or lowering emissions.

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Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI)

Combustor System to Drive Flexible Operations

Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI), PSM’s latest combustion technology, focuses on extended turndown as market demand for flexible combustors continues. This system is compatible with LEC NextGen, LEC III™, and DLN-1 combustion systems with IBH system. With the addition of SFI, users can realize turndown as low as 35%, an approximate 15% improvement over the IBH-only baseline.

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Auxiliary Upgrades

Auxiliary Upgrades | PSM

PSM offers additional upgrade options to further improve the performance and output of gas turbines. From wet compression, inlet bleed heat and anti-icing systems to exhaust bleed systems, these technologies are designed to enhance the performance, efficiency, and reliability of gas turbines, helping power plant operators to achieve maximum output while minimizing fuel consumption and emissions.

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