F-Class Frames

PSM offers a wide range of repair and maintenance solutions for F-Class Frames to improve operating efficiency.

F-Class Gas Turbine Frames

PSM offers a portfolio of products and services for operators of F-class gas turbines. One of PSM's key offerings is its world-class workshop facility and industry-leading engineering services. PSM can meet or exceed the original design lives of gas turbine components to enhance the performance and efficiency of gas turbines. PSM provides industry-leading engineering and metallurgy specialists to manage every aspect of F-class gas turbine upgrades to optimize equipment performance, increase reliability, and reduce maintenance costs. 

Services include:

Advanced Repairs and Upgrades: PSM offers a variety of advanced repairs and upgrades to enhance the performance of F-Class gas turbines. These upgrades can include advanced coatings, compressor upgrades, hot section upgrades, and advanced sealing solutions, which can improve efficiency, reduce emissions, and increase output.

Asset Management: PSM offers asset management solutions that help clients optimize their gas turbine fleet performance. These solutions include performance monitoring, life assessment, and maintenance planning to ensure that each gas turbine operates at its highest level of efficiency and reliability.

Field Services: PSM has a team of field service experts who are available 24/7 to provide on-site support and troubleshooting for F-Class gas turbines. Services include installation and commissioning, maintenance and repairs, and outage support.

Parts and Component Supply: PSM has a comprehensive inventory of gas turbine parts and components to support the maintenance and repair of F-Class gas turbines. These include blades, vanes, combustors, fuel nozzles, and spare parts.

Remote Monitoring: PSM offers remote monitoring services to provide real-time performance data and identify potential issues before they become critical.

Intelligent Data: PSM offers digital solutions that help clients optimize gas turbine performance. These solutions include advanced analytics, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance to ensure gas turbines operate at peak efficiency and reliability.

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