PSM's Gas Turbine Service Engineering brings together Engineering Assessment and Technical Services to provide you with complete in-house capabilities.

Design and Engineering

PSM design and engineering teams collaborate with customers to solve component and system-level gas turbine and balance of plant issues. Examples include:

  • Inlet system reliability upgrades
  • Fuel delivery system optimization
  • Maintenance interval extension
  • Accessory upgrades

Complete in-house capabilities include design, analysis, manufacturing, procurement, controls expertise, and field services, that enable PSM to deliver these solutions on a turnkey basis.

As insurance industry-recognized technical experts, PSM partners with customers on the root cause investigations of a gas turbine or balance of plant component failures. Root cause investigations leverage in-house metallurgical evaluation, failure analysis, engine instrumentation, and life assessment capabilities. Future PSM product offerings benefit from these customer collaborations, where implementing design upgrades addresses identified failure root causes.

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Service Engineering

PSM’s Service Engineering offers a customer-focused, site-specific approach, partnering with our customers for an expert, comprehensive system-level evaluation of gas turbine auxiliary and support systems. Our goal for shared success depends on a solid customer partnership. With operational assessments and equipment evaluations, PSM provides thorough preventive maintenance that helps maximize plant performance. 

Technical Services

PSM’s Technical Services bridge the gap between the site and PSM’s engineering resources to optimize and maintain the technical, economic, and environmental performance of gas turbine systems. We provide a customized approach and a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of four key areas that focus on reliable and efficient operation:

  • Critical issues
  • Instrument consideration
  • Thermal performance
  • Plant specific considerations

Our Evaluation Team has capabilities that combine to meet specific technical and operational needs ranging from general planned maintenance to systems and IC&E engineering requirements.

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Engineering Assessment

PSM determines part acceptance and performs evaluations for use and reconditioning for operational and installation concerns related to PSM, OEM & OOEM compressor, combustion, and hot gas path hardware.

We offer comprehensive maintenance support and provide expertise in the assessment and troubleshooting of non-standard issues:

  • Gas turbine planned outages
  • Post-outage operation and diagnostics
  • Periodic non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections
  • Forced outage and operational issues
  • Hardware durability and interval extensions

Explore PSM gas turbine services

Intelligent Digital Data

Utilizing the latest digital technology, our engineers monitor operation conditions of critical equipment 24 hours a day year round. Our team monitors emissions and combustion to increase operations flexibility and profitability to boost function effectiveness and safety.

Field and Site Services

PSM has broad experience in servicing numerous gas turbine product lines including aeroderivative and aviation turbines, components, and accessories. Emergency and scheduled services available.

Manufacturing and Repair

PSM's manufacturing and repair facility offers new manufacturing of gas turbine components, as well as engineered repair solutions for GE, MHI, Siemens/Westinghouse and other OEM gas turbine engines.

Power Plant Support

The power generation market drives power plant operators to increase output, improve heat rate and lower operational costs. PSM will collaborate with you to find and create an integrated solution optimized for your specific requirements.

Service Engineering Support

PSM Design and Engineering Teams have complete in-house capabilities to solve component and system-level gas turbine and balance-of-plant issues.

Rotor Services

PSM offers gas turbine operators a rotor management solution that capitalizes on PSM’s engineering expertise, with full Rotor Service and Rotor Lifetime Extension capabilities that can extend the useful lifetime of your rotor.

Service Agreements

PSM's Long Term Service Agreements offer gas turbine operators and plants the flexibility to determine the level of scope, ranging from full-service offerings to a pricing agreement so that they are optimized to ensure total coverage.

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