9F Frames

Advanced 9F upgrades improve performance, flexibility and reliability while reducing emissions

Hot gas path upgrades for 9F-Class Frames

Built on our successful products for the 7F Frame, PSM offers combustor and gas turbine components for the 9F Frame. Design improvements developed for the 7F and validated in multiple applications are the basis for PSM’s 9F gas turbine portfolio. Improved durability and lower life cycle cost are achieved using PSM component and system-level product modeling and data evaluation tools that identify issues and failure modes in current OEM designs. During regular operation, the hot gas path has a minimum service interval of 24,000 FFH or 1200 FS. Consulting with PSM experts can increase intervals on a unit-by-unit basis.

Benefits to upgrading 9F-class turbine frames include:

  • Increased Output: Increased efficiency and power output can improve plant performance and reduce costs.
  • Improved Performance: Upgrades can increase the output and efficiency of the turbine, resulting in lower operating costs and improved profitability.
  • Enhanced Reliability: Upgrades can increase the reliability and availability of the 9F-class turbine, reducing the risk of unplanned downtime and associated costs.
  • Extended Maintenance Intervals: Upgrades can also help extend maintenance intervals, reducing the need for frequent maintenance and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Increased Flexibility: Upgrades can improve the flexibility of 9F-class turbines, enabling them to operate over a wide range of conditions and improving their ability to respond to changing market conditions.
9F frame

Design Improvements

1st Stage Nozzle

  • Upgraded with Full Surface TBC
  • Alloy upgrade to PSM 109 (Nickel base)
  • Enhanced platform cooling

1st Stage Buckets

  • Alloy upgrade with Improved LCF and Creep Capability
  • Cast in Tip Plate facilitates lower repair cost
  • Improved platform and tip cooling

2nd Stage Nozzle

  • Alloy upgrade with improved LCF and Creep Capability

2nd Stage Buckets

  • Alloy upgrade with improved LCF and Creep Capability
  • Improved cooling design reducing shroud metal temperature

3rd Stage Nozzle

  • Alloy upgrade with improved LCF and Creep Capability

3rd Stage Buckets

  • Alloy upgrade with improved LCF and Creep Capability

Transition Piece

  • Improved durability by PSM design features
  • Patented cooling features reduce metal temperature
  • Thermally free mount to first stage nozzle


  • Improved durability with conical design and upgraded material
  • Improved impingement cooling for enhanced durability
  • Improved assembly and sealing with double ply, forward facing hula seal design

Liner Cap

  • Improved durability by PSM design features
  • Upgraded Effusion plate material to Haynes 282 for increased LCF capability

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Additional Upgrade Solutions


PSM’s AutoTune system enables automated combustion tuning to maintain emissions and combustion dynamics within specified limits under varying ambient conditions (temperature and humidity), engine deterioration or while using a range of natural gas or liquefied natural gas.

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