Aero Derivatives

PSM is committed to providing innovative solutions for the challenging energy requirements of aeroderivative gas turbines.

Maximize the Potential of Aeroderivative Gas Turbines with PSM Solutions and Upgrades

With over 20 years as a service provider to the industrial gas turbine (IGT) marketplace, PSM has established itself as the pre-eminent non-OEM provider of replacement parts, repairs, upgrades, and field services. By leveraging our proven track record of delivering innovative solutions for our IGT customers, we are now using the same approach to develop market-driven products and services for Aeroderivatives. Whether the requirement is for unique digital control solutions, advanced repair, or an upgraded and improved durability replacement part, PSM can support your operational needs.

Achieve Optimal Performance and Efficiency with Proven Expertise

At PSM, we understand the need to keep your gas turbine operating at peak performance and efficiency. We offer solutions and upgrades for the unique challenges of Aeroderivatives, designed to optimize your turbine's potential. Our proven expertise and innovative technology ensure that your turbine runs smoothly, reliably, and efficiently, saving you time and money in the long run.

Enhance Your Turbine Efficiency with Advanced Aerodynamic Designs

Our solutions are tailored to your needs so that they operate at optimal efficiency. From advanced re-blading to improved cooling systems, our solutions and upgrades maximize turbine efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and minimize emissions. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians uses the latest technology to develop customized solutions to improve the efficiency of turbine components to extend their life.

Improve Reliability with Advanced Control Systems

Our advanced control systems can improve turbine reliability and reduce the risk of downtime. From advanced monitoring systems to predictive maintenance tools, our solutions and upgrades help keep your turbine running smoothly and reliably. Our control systems provide real-time monitoring and diagnostics, allowing you to identify potential issues before they become an issue. Our predictive maintenance tools help reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and ensure your turbines operate at peak performance.

Increase Power Output with Advanced Combustion Systems

Our advanced combustion systems can increase turbine power output, allowing you to generate more electricity with less fuel. With advanced fuel injection systems and improved combustion chamber designs, our solutions and upgrades can maximize turbine power output. Our experts use the latest technology to develop advanced combustion systems customized to your needs. Increasing turbine power output helps generate more electricity with less fuel, reducing operating costs and improving your bottom line.

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PSM has a well-established Quality Management System (QMS)

  • QMS certified to ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 (Rev. D) By Intertek
  • PSM has been certified to ISO 9001 since 2002 and AS9100 since 2019
  • Maintains a Government Cage Code in SAM
  • ITAR Registered
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