2019 7F Users Group

The Blade – June 2019

7F Users Group – A Challenging Market with PSM promoting requested capabilities as the World’s leading non-OEM Gas Turbine Service Provider

In continuing to celebrate our 20 Year Anniversary, we accepted an invitation to attend the 7F Users Group Conference, hosting a half-day presentation highlighting our capabilities based on the critical fleet service needs provided by the Users. The User Conference covered the 700-strong global installed fleet of Frame 7F units, attended by over 220 participants representing from 90 generation companies, from across North America, with a small but vocal international delegation from South Korea, Brazil and United Arab Emirates.

This was an opportunity for diverse ownership groups,ranging from small independent power providers  to large fleet owners, investment companies, regional utilities and municipalities, to meet for three intensive days to share operational information, successful projects, reliability and durability issues that impact the profitability of their assets. The conference held dedicated, closed-door sessions featuring presentations and dialog between users and service providers,along with two active evenings of Vendor Fair displays.

The 7F Users heard from Alex Hoffs, the President of PSM, as well as industry-recognized subject matter experts on the complete range of our offerings. Dedicated and highly interactive, discussions focused on case studies into our most recent and successful gas turbine and plant upgrades,Digital Plant optimization solutions, culminating with “a year in the life” of our Service Engineering Team and our activities into the advanced OEM GT platforms. The presentations were well-received and lauded by the experienced and passionate audience  who actively participated in the question and answer sessions following each topics of discussion. 

As a result of the focused efforts and preparation by the PSM sales and technical teams, we have been provided a numerous set of actions and targeted customer follow-ups. This could not have happened without the dedicated PSM Team, making this year’s 7F Users Group Conference a valuable business success!

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