PSM Highly Visible in 2019 Turbine Forum

PSM Highly Visible in European Focused Technology Forum Advancements in Repair and Additive Manufacturing Technologies

The 2019 Turbine Forum (, currently in its 18th year, was held May 9-11 in Nice, France. The event provided a forum for Ansaldo and PSM to engage relevant technology leaders and industry innovators to identify and understand of latest repair and additive manufacturing trends in the gas turbine industry.  Participants were from aviation, oil & gas, and industrial heavy duty gas turbines.  All major OEM’s were represented, with twenty-eight (28) presentations made, four (4) of which were from Ansaldo, including a keynote, representing our global repair network.

Additive Manufacturing (AM), represented by AM equipmentmanufacturers, powder suppliers and end users was a consistent theme throughoutthe conference. Multiple presentations focused on highlighting the usefulnessof AM, the need for proper parameter and material characterization and the moveinto the next phase in designing parts for manufacturing. While mostparticipants were still in the novelty phase, Ansaldo Energia from our PSMservice team, was recognized as the first mover in implementation of thistechnology and deployment in commercially operational gas turbine engines.

PSM’s offerings were showcased in three separate presentations during the Forum. Greg Vogel PSM advocated our approach and commercial success with regard to an F-Class Stage 1 Turbine Vane segment in commercial operation, clearly positioning us as a first mover in this industrial application space. PSM also presented our innovative repair process for the Frame  7F gas turbine combustion fuel nozzle endcover assembly cover, and finally, our colleagues from  Ansaldo Energia Switzerland, as the OEM,  explained our GT26 innovative combustion fuel lance repairs for improved O&M life cycle costs. In the penultimate Key Note session, PSM’s leading technical expert discussed rotor lifetime assessment and extensions experience for multi-OEM fleet services.

The forum offers 28 presentation opportunities throughout the globally focused 3-day Forum, and PSM was honored to have been selected for four of these spots. A big ‘Thank You’ to the team for their efforts and support of this opportunity!

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