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FlameSheet™ for E and F Class

FlameSheet™ gas turbine combustion systems are innovative and retrofittable, with operational flexibility characteristics aligned to dynamic & challenging power generation market needs. FlameSheet™ employs a 2-in-1 can-annular combustor concept. Leveraging patented fuel / air mixing concepts, FlameSheet provides up to a 30% gas turbine operating load range increase while maintaining single digit NOx & CO emissions. Designed to operate up to 32,000 factored hours between inspections, FlameSheet is ideally suited for shale gas, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), or alternate fuel operation such as ethane, propane, and hydrogen to name a few – all with a 30% Modified Wobbe Index (MWI) operational range.

FlameSheet(TM) Video

Benefits include:

Turndown / Cycling savings
Lifecycle cost savings (GT & BOP)
Repair interval savings
Ammonia savings
Fuel Flexibility
Outage lead time reductions

Extended durability and improved maintenance of combustion system and overall plant include:

Up to a 30% increase in GT operating load range with single digit NOx and CO
Turndown capability mitigates daily plant cycling
Optional low load HRSG protection setting
Minimized hot combustor operating components
Modular design reduces installation time
Wide fuel flexibility

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