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Frame 9E

PSM offers all the Hot Gas Path, compressor and many auxiliary components for the 9E gas turbine.

The 9E Gas Turbine hot gas path parts are designed for the latest 2055F configurations, including the advanced aero 3rd stage Bucket and Nozzle, capable of improving heat rate and power output.  Various coating options are available to help reduce metal temperatures, improve corrosion and oxidation resistance and increase part life in specific operating conditions.  All 9E gas turbine parts are delivered with the required installation hardware, diaphragms, etc and the parts are fully interchangeable with the equivalent OEM P/N’s and set wise compatible with older versions.

In normal operation the entire 9E hot gas path has a minimum service interval of 24,000 FFH or 900 FS, which can be increased on a unit by unit basis, with consultation from PSM’s experts.  Learn more about all the design improvements PSM offers for the 9E gas turbine.

Design Improvements

1st Stage Nozzle

  • Equivalent to OEM
  • MCrAlY & TBC Coating

1st Stage Buckets

  • Improved turbulated cooling holes
  • MCrAlY & TBC Coatings

2nd Stage Nozzle

  • Equivalent to OEM
  • Ai-Sl coating
2nd Stage Buckets

  • Scalloped tip shroud for improved creep resistance
  • Welded hardface material on Z-Notch

3rd Stage Nozzle

  • Equivalent to OEM Advanced Aero
  • Coating: Optional

3rd Stage Buckets

  • Equivalent to OEM Advanced Aero
  • Scalloped tip shroud for improved creep resistance
  • Welded hardface material on Z-Notch
  • Coating: Optional


LEC III™: Field proven 3-5ppm NOx

LEC-NextGen: Highly durable sub 9ppm NOx

Compatible with 9171E and older turbine models either as a drop in replacement to the OEM DLN1.0 or as a conversion from standard diffusion frame systems.  The system has proven versatility with over 70 installations globally on GE Frame 6B, 7E/EA, 9E and most recently 4 x 7B units.  Originally fielded in 2001, the patented LEC III™ fuel air mixing technology produces consistent sub 5ppm NOx and single digit CO.

Introduced in 2015, the LEC-NextGen has been developed from the original LEC-I and LEC III™systems in response to the global power generations requirements for increased durability throughout an increased load range, while maintaining sub 9ppm NOx and single digit CO throughout pre-mix operation.

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