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SRP provides reliable, affordable water and power to two million people living in central Arizona. The Mesquite Power Plant located in Arlington, Arizona is comprised of two power blocks, with each block consisting of a 2 on 1 configuration of GE 7FA combined cycled systems and a total plant output of 1,250 MWs. One block is owned by SRP, the other by Sempra Energy. PSM, in conjunction with the SRP Mesquite team, recently completed planned events on their two gas turbines, implementing our FlameTop™ combustion/turbine upgrade with additional enhancements to improve start-up emissions. With a challenging air permit, a tight outage duration constraint, and in the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, PSM developed and implemented some upgrade refinements to our FlameSheet™ combustion retrofit system design to meet SRP’s operational requirement.

 The combined efforts of the SRP Mesquite team and PSM on-site personnel resulted in the completion of all planned and emergent work within the scheduled outage duration. PSM’s AutoTune digital solution was also implemented, with combustion tuning by the onsite commissioning teams and additional support from the Jupiter-based engineering team via our remote M&D connection. 

Results confirmed the FlameTop™ system satisfied the start-up emission customer needs while providing additional MW output above the original OEM product configuration. This was coupled with better than expected operational turndown while maintaining emissions compliance. SRP expressed their appreciation and gratitude for the integrated team efforts to execute this challenging and rewarding project.