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Wet Compression Systems

Wet compression systems are a response to a market need for increased top-end capacity, providing operators with additional output during times of peak grid demand.  Wet compression relies on the principles of saturating the compressor inlet air, reducing the temperature and work required during compression – the result of which is more power available at the generator.  PSM offers seamless integration of a wet compression system to the gas turbine controller & DCS, allowing operators direct control to manage the system along with permissive and operator alarms.

Overall, Wet Compression can significantly improve the performance and efficiency of gas turbines, leading to lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, and improved reliability.

Inlet Bleed Heat / Anti-Icing System (IBH)

PSM’s IBH system addresses the issue of ice or snow buildup on the inlet filters and compressor, which can lead to damage of the filter components and compressor.  The IBH system can also provide:

  • Increased turndown flexibility allowing emissions compliance at lower load levels.
  • Anti-icing system protects compressor airfoils against ice formation
  • Protects inlet filters against ice and snow accumulation
  • Alarm system warns of ice formation conditions in compressor
  • Warns of ice and snow accumulation on inlet air filters  

PSM’s system puts air in front of the filters, diverting high pressure air from the turbine and injecting it upstream for full inlet system ice protection.

Overall, IBH is a technology that can significantly improve the efficiency, performance, and environmental impact of gas turbines, while also improving their cold-weather performance and reliability.

Exhaust Bleed Systems (ExB)

PSM’s Exhaust Bleed System provides even greater turndown capability to units that are already equipped with an Inlet Bleed Heat System.  By bleeding additional air off the compressor, turbine work is reduced allowing operators to meet low-end grid demand while keeping the unit online, avoiding unnecessary shutdowns and being ready to immediately respond during the following peak cycle with a unit that is already running.  Fuel consumption at minimum load is reduced providing long term cost savings.

Overall, Exhaust Bleed Systems can provide significant benefits for gas turbines, including increased efficiency, power output, and environmental performance, as well as improved reliability and durability.

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