Gas Turbine Optimization Package (GTOP) and Combustion Upgrade Packages

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Operational Flexibility

With GTOP, you can enjoy enhanced operational flexibility and maximum performance from your gas turbine, all customized to your specific functional requirements. GTOP can run in maintenance mode or performance mode. Maintenance mode will result in extended intervals of up to 32,000 or even 40,000 hours. Performance mode will result in higher power output (up to 7%) and improved heat rate (up to 3%) with a 24,000-hour maintenance interval. With our AutoTune system, you can switch between these modes providing you with operational flexibility. Power as you need it!

Optimized Combustion Parts

The Dry Low NOx system has been upgraded recently for improved emission performance and extended maintenance intervals. In addition, we now offer a sub-5 ppm and sub-9 ppm option.

7B-EA Standard and Upgrade Options

GTOP package: Our Gas Turbine Optimized Packages (GTOP) include structured upgrades to combustion and hot gas path components with performance levels near or exceeding OEM standards and include:

  • Extended component life cycles: Increasing hot gas path inspection interval (HGPI) from 24,000FH to 32,000FH while operating in Maintenance Mode
  • FlexSuite Flex Counters switch between maintenance and performance modes to fully optimize the gas turbines
  • Peak firing capability with upgraded HGP hardware available to handle increased firing temperatures
  • Alloy upgrade of S1 Buckets to PSM116, PSM’s F-class bucket material, allows both increased firing temperatures and longer maintenance intervals
  • Enhanced shrouded S2 bucket design addressed common issues in the standard 7EA bucket design, minimizing shingling and creep issues while increasing efficiency

7F Upgrade Packages

GTOP3.0: Installed during a standard hot gas path (HGP) outage consists of PSM’s combustion system and redesigned 1st and 2nd stage turbine nozzles incorporating:

  • Enhanced transition piece and flow sleeve designs that reduce combustor pressure drop
  • Upgraded alloys, TBC (Thermal Barrier Coating) enhancements, and improved efficiency cooling features
  • PSM AutoTune System
  • Maintains NOx emissions ≤9ppm
  • Set-wise interchangeable with standard 7F hardware
  • Upgraded 1st & 2nd stage buckets is optional for durability

GTOP3.1: Includes GTOP3.0 features plus the following:

  • Builds on the GTOP3.0 upgrade package, incorporating aerodynamically redesigned front stage compressor airfoils that provide increased compressor inlet flow at constant compressor efficiency
  • Aerodynamically redesigned R0, S0, and S1 rows for increased compressor inlet flow at constant efficiency
  • GTOP3.1 components designed for equivalent mechanical integrity characteristics with PSM proven R0, S0, and S1 design methods

GTOP3.0 & 3.1 Options include:

  • Extended component life cycles: Increasing the hot gas path inspection interval (HGPI) from 24,000FH to 32,000FH while operating in Maintenance Mode
  • Additional performance at standard life cycle while operating in Performance Mode
  • The ability to switch between the two operating modes as desired

501F GTOP Offerings


  • Compressor Upflow – New R16 Compressor Blade and IGV control change
  • Robust New 4th Blade and Ring Segment
  • Reduced Flow and Durability Upgraded Turbine Hardware


  • Modular Vane Design
  • Improved Cooling and Coating Vanes and Blades


  • GTOP7 for MHI gas turbines

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