Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI)

Combustor System to Drive Flexible Operations

Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI), PSM’s latest combustion technology, focuses on extended turndown as market demand for flexible combustors continues. This system is compatible with LEC-NextGen, LEC-III™, and DLN-1 combustion systems with the IBH system. With the addition of SFI, users can realize turndown as low as 35%, an approximate 15% improvement over the IBH-only baseline.

The Sequential Fuel Injection (SFI) design is an arrangement of two combustors set in series between the compressor and the power turbine. A small secondary combustor is installed downstream of a larger primary combustor. For the E-class SFI, a controlled amount of gas is injected in the aft end of the combustion liner with the result of extended turndown while keeping NOx and CO at acceptable levels without negatively impacting the heat rate. Combining SFI with other combustion turndown products such as IBH and ExB allows sub-35% turndown!

Hydrogen (H2) – Fuel Flexibility, the Future of Gas Turbine Operation

As the world looks to reduce our carbon footprint, PSM continues to specialize in aligning our advancements in combustion technology with environmental goals. PSM was the first to market with sub-5ppm technology dedicated to E-class units with our LEC combustion technology and now has LEC available on seven different, multi-OEM B- and E-class platforms. Today, our LEC technology can easily consume up to a 35% H2 by volume mix with natural gas, with no NOx emissions increase. Additionally, high-temperature rig testing of this technology platform has proven stable combustion with low NOx and CO emissions of up to 50% H2 by volume mix.

PSM has achieved this with our patented secondary fuel nozzle configuration, the “fin mixer”. Coupled with our AutoTune and FuelFlex digital technology, designed to handle variable changes in the amount of H2 blending the natural gas stream, these systems keep emissions and dynamics within desired limits, both at low to ensure additional mechanical wear of the hardware and to meet environmental requirements. The addition of H2 and natural gas blends offers the benefit of improved turndown and operational flexibility.

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