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New Parts Manufacturing and Repair

PSM’s manufacturing and repair facility offers new manufacturing of gas turbine components, as well as engineered repair solutions for GE, MHI, Siemens/Westinghouse and other OEM gas turbine engines. Backed by on-site PSM engineering and advanced technology, PSM’s state-of-the-art reconditioning services can extend the life of your components and optimize your maintenance budget.

With regional repair facilities spanning the globe, located in the Netherlands at Rheden, the UAE in Abu Dhabi and in Genoa, Italy, we offer expertise at all levels of complexity for heavy-duty gas and steam turbines and generators, specializing in E- and F-class engines. PSM’s 105,000 square foot (9,800 sq meter) workshop facility in Jupiter, Florida is strategically located in conjunction with PSM’s headquarters so our Repair, Design and Engineering Departments can work side-by-side to develop upgraded and advanced repair solutions to fit dynamic market needs. PSM’s workshops, in combination with our global supply chain, offer our customers a complete range of gas turbine hardware and upgraded solutions including compressor, exhaust, rotors, proprietary combustion and hot gas path parts.

The PSM workshop in Florida is Quality certified to both the AS9100 and ISO9001 standards and has been EHS certified to ISO14001 offering the following capabilities:

  • Engineering Services
  • Latest Qualified Procedures/Process
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment – Digital X-rays, Materials Lab, Laser Welding, EDM Drilling, Thermal Spray Coatings, Chemical Stripping, Advanced Braze Techniques and more
  • Industry Leading Flow Lab Ability, On- and Off-Site Combustion Tuning and Combustion Wheeling
  • Warehouse for Spare and Emergency Parts


    The PSM Jupiter, FL Manufacturing and Repair Workshop offers the following equipment and services:

    • 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC mills
    • Wire, Plunge and Fast Hole CNC EDM
    • CNC grinding
    • Large format horizontal boring mill
    • Manual lathes and mills
    • (2) Vacuum furnaces
    • Air circulating furnace
    • Fluoride Ion Cleaning (FIC)
    • Brazing services (including honeycomb)
    • Laser cladding and Laser welding
    • TIG, MIG and resistance welding
    • (2) Coating booths – HVOF, APS, Dual Wire Arc
    • Chemical stripping of MCrAlY Coatings, and ultrasonic and hot water wash cleaning
    • Media and bead blast
    • Vibratory finishing
    • NDT: FPI, digital x-ray, eddy current, ultrasonic inspection, airflow and moment weigh
    • metallurgical Lab - Comprehensive metallurgical analysis, failure analysis/fractography, and scanning electron microscopy
    • Metrology Lab - Blue light scanning and CMM

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