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Service Engineering

PSM’s Gas Turbine Power Plant Service Engineering brings together Engineering Assessment, Monitoring & Diagnostics, and Technical Services. With operational assessments and equipment evaluations, we provide thorough preventive maintenance that helps maximize the performance of the plant.

PSM’s Service Engineering offers a customer focused, site specific approach, partnering with our customers for an expert, comprehensive system-level evaluation of gas turbine auxiliary and support systems.  Our goal for shared success depends on a strong customer partnership.

Technical Services

PSM’s Technical Services bridges the gap between the site and PSM’s engineering resources to optimize and maintain the technical, economic and environmental performance of gas turbine systems.  We provide a customized approach, and a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of four key areas that focus on reliable and efficient operation:

  • Critical issues
  • Instrument consideration
  • Thermal performance
  • Plant specific considerations

Our Evaluation Team has capabilities that combine to meet specific technical and operational needs ranging from general planned maintenance to systems and IC&E engineering requirements.

Engineering Assessment

PSM determines part acceptance and performs evaluations for use and reconditioning as it relates to operational and installation concerns related to PSM, OEM & OOEM compressor, combustion and hot gas path hardware.

We offer comprehensive maintenance support and provide expertise in assessment and troubleshooting of non-standard issues:

  • Gas turbine planned outages
  • Post outage operation and diagnostics
  • Periodic non-destructive testing (NDT) inspections
  • Forced outage and operational issues
  • Hardware durability and interval extensions

Monitoring & Diagnostics

M&D monitors an asset portfolio of over 7,000 MW and growing, providing:

  • Predictive analytics
  • 24/7 monitoring and call service
  • Cloud based operation
  • Signal pattern recognition
  • Neural networks
  • Dedicated work streams
  • Secure independent data flows from site to M&D Center


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