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Top-of-the-line Frame Solutions For Gas Turbines

PSM offers technologically advanced aftermarket gas turbine components & performance upgrades, parts reconditioning and repair for Frame 6B, 7B/E/EA, 9E, 9FA, 7F and 501F/701F.  Our local execution centers based in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East provide regionally-based solutions to power plant operators.  With Repair and Upgrade capabilities that can outperform the OEM on life extension and repair yields, and a dedicated R&D organization that has generated over 100 patents, we develop our own high-technology parts and service solutions to significantly reduce maintenance life-cycle costs and make gas turbines more efficient, reliable, and flexible.

Combining the agility of an independent company with the power of a globally focused OEM, PSM has earned its reputation of offering alternatives based on proven technologies and insights.  Browse our Frame-focused solutions by clicking on the images below and learn more about our innovative solutions including FlameSheet™, LEC III™, AutoTune, FlexSuite and more.

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